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we believe that good design is not exclusive but inclusive

Good design is universal, considering everyone - from all backgrounds and walks of life

the Bradley designed to see & touch

A superior wristwatch for everyone.

Video: Story of the Bradley


about bradley

the bradley

is named after Bradley Snyder. an ex naval-officer, brad lost his eyesight in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2011.

Bradley competed in and won gold and silver medals in swimming at the 2012 Paralympics in london.

Along with many visually impaired users, Brad has supported and provided invaluable feedback through the development of our timepiece.

i'm going to show people that i'm not going to let this beat me. i'm not going to let blindness build a brick wall around me. i am going to find a way forward.

— brad snyder

for the visually impaired, The Bradley makes day-to-day life possible without drawing attention to their disability.

For sighted users, The Bradley offers a unique and discrete way of telling time— whether you’re in a business meeting, social luncheon, or dark theater.


Video: User Group Interviews

Find out more about how we developed The Bradley timepiece

about eone

We look for opportunities to create great products that can be used by a multitude of users regardless of age, gender, or ability.

Usually this means thinking outside of the box.

We're not afraid to take risks to create superior products that function the way you need them to.


Hyungsoo Kim

Founder & CEO

Is the founder & CEO of Eone. A firm believer in the importance of universal design, his goal is to co-design innovative products that are accessible and useful to everyone. Hyungsoo holds an MBA degree from MIT Sloan School of Management and BA/MA degree in Psychology from Wesleyan University.

Edward Sung

Mechanical Engineer

Is the mechanical engineer at Eone. Ed works on developing and prototyping specialized mechanics to ensure Eone’s up-and-coming tactile alarm clock will be easy to use and provide greater accessibility to wider audiences. Ed is currently a 2013 M.S. candidate at MIT.

David Zacher

Lead industrial designer

Is the lead product designer for eone's first timepiece: The Bradley. His industrial design practice focuses on user-centric design and socially responsible systems and products that fit into everyday use. David recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a Masters of Industrial Design (2012). 

Jinha Lee

Interaction Designer & Advisor

Is an interface designer, engineer, and product strategist working at the boundary of the physical and digital world. His work, including a gesture-controlled 3D desktop and levitating interfaces, have received recognition from design and innovation awards. Jinha is a TED fellow and a Ph.D. candidate at MIT Media Lab.

Nick Gu

Production manager and co-designer

Is the production manager and co-designer. He based himself in Hong Kong/China over the summer (‘12) to develop the prototype with manufacturers in Shenzhen, China, and continues to lead negotiations and prototyping with manufacturers. Nick is a Masters in Architecture candidate at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Maeve Jopson

Product designer

Is a product designer for Eone. She believes in playing, learning, collaborating, and creating to make the world a better place. Besides working with Eone, she is working with Cynthia Poon to start a company called Increment, designing playthings for children of all abilities. Maeve holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Amanda Sim

Lead graphic design and branding

Is the graphic design & branding lead for Eone. Her graphic design approach focuses on tactility and alternative, experiential methods of communication. Amanda holds an MFA degree in Graphic Design (MFA GD 2013) from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Cynthia Poon

Product designer

Is a product designer for Eone. She is passionate about designing for health and wellbeing, childhood development, community, and of course, making cool things. In addition to working with Eone, she is collaborating with Maeve Jopson to start a company called Increment, focusing on inclusive play and learning. Cynthia is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Industrial Design.


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